UrbanHeadz by eXD3 - Bobbleheads for the Urban Consumer


The UrbanHeadz LLC. Is an Urban Bobblehead company; located in southern Nevada, we believe there is a great opportunity for today’s urban personalities to transcend their popularity, visibility, and resources into additional areas.

Our first look is into the rich bobblehead culture. The “nodder” has been a collectible in China, dating back to the 18th century. It crossed over as a "bobblehead" in the US in the 1950's with just fair craftsmanship. After some extensive research, The UrbanHeadz found a way to increase the value of the bobblehead by using EXPERT craftsmanship in making it more detailed, thus creating a major commodity in the world of collectibles. We have carried the concept into the present, creating The Bobbleheads for the successful entrepreneur and enterprising Urban A-List personalities.

Never before has the urban A-List culture had a collectible with such unique and extreme detail. We applaud and adore the today’s urban culture and recognize that, for all their accomplishments and great influence on our society, they should have one of the historical collectibles of our time. We know that the bobblehead has always been a huge icon among memorabilia and is one that the “urban generation” will collect and enjoy, as it increases in value throughout time.

TThe UrbanHeadz challenges our clients to recognize their unique position while we maximize all long-range possibilities. The UrbanHeadz knows that the key to long-term successful relationships begins with strategic marketing. We will be the global leader in content production and licensing rights. The UrbanHeadz is out to ensure that our bobblehead isn't just an afterthought. Our artist/client and the consumer is our top priority.

The bobblehead models of the artist (other than Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, Far East Movement, Fat Joe & Trick Daddy) shown on this website are not for sale. They were created for a personal collection, not for retail, and used to show the detail work of The UrbanHeadz LLC.

UrbanHeadz by eXD3 are collectibles of a lifetime - Bobbleheads featuring your favorite hip hop artists